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The intellectual property (IP) environment has greatly changed within only a quarter of a century. IP practice as well as technology has become more complicated, and the importance of business and management strategies from an IP perspective is gaining recognition. Further, due to the severe competition, companies' IP needs are expected to continue to diversify.

Under such circumstances, FIELDS IP Attorneys was established as a patent firm which contribution to our clients' business is to provide high quality IP services which precisely meet our clients' needs.

We, at FIELDS IP Attorneys, are determined to always engage and really listen to our clients, as well as devote ourselves to working and learning in order to provide quality services beyond our clients' expectations and become the most reliable IP partner to our clients.

Nobutaka Yokota, Managing Partner

Our goal

Leading our clients' IP strategy and contributing to their business

Our goal is to lead our clients' IP strategy and contribute to their business
by providing high quality IP services to precisely meet their needs.


  1. We always put our clients' interests first.

    Being useful to our clients' business is our motivation.

  2. We address our clients' requests promptly and flexibly.

    Small- and medium-sized patent firms have the advantage of short chains of command and flexibility. Making use of the advantages at maximum, we are committed to provide client-oriented services.

  3. We support our clients' business and management strategies by presenting various solutions.

    We know that there are always several solutions with regard to IP services including drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and solving patent disputes. We consider all angles and suggest various options in order for our clients to be able to choose the best solution.

  4. We devote ourselves to managing work schedules and administrative duties.

    We know that excellent attorneys' work should also be provided on schedule and be accompanied by excellent clerical support. We recognize that schedule management and administration work are part of quality services.

Our firm's name

Our firm's name means that each of our attorneys is determined to make this firm the field where our clients' business is nurtured and brought to fruition.

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Managing Partner
Nobutaka Yokota, Patent Attorney

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September 2014