Areas of practice

We render the following services mainly in the fields of pharmaceutics, biotechnology, food chemistry, and material science.

Preparing, filing, and prosecuting the following applications before the Japan Patent Office (JPO)

  • Patent applications including national phase entry into Japan
  • PCT applications
  • Patent term extension applications

JPO trials

  • Invalidation trials
  • Correction trials
  • Lawsuits against the JPO's decisions

Opinion work

  • Validity/invalidity opinions
  • Infringement/non-infringement opinions

Other IP-related services

  • Conducting prior art searches
  • Translating patent-related documents including patent specifications


  • We provide complete patent-related services to assist our overseas clients with filing and prosecuting applications in Japan. Our extensive experience and know-how in drafting and prosecuting patent applications both in Japan and overseas allow us to provide comprehensive advice at each stage, for example, responding to an Office Action with a view to the difference between Japanese and overseas practices. From our experience conducting interviews in patent prosecution, we know the timing and the manner to contact JPO Examiners and Appeal Examiners for best results. We are thus confident we can assist you in obtaining as broad patents as possible, both cost-effectively and swiftly.
  • Another area where our considerable experience could be extremely valuable is filing pre-issuance third party observations with the JPO. We can assist you to prevent competitors' applications from being granted patents, but also to revoke competitors' patents by filing requests for revocation under the new Post Grant Review system which came into effect in 2015.